FanFlare LED Display, Rally Light

Accessories included with each device
1 Sheet with 8 Example Graphic Cutouts
1 Blank Sheet of Glossy Printer Paper
1 Magnetic bar to create Name Tag
1 Cord Lanyard with swiveling hook
1 MicroUSB Cable for Recharging
1 Window Suction Cup with hook

$ 29.99

Bright Wearable Light For Pro Sports, Name Tags and more...
Print And Illuminate Any Logo Or Image You Want!

Stadium Mode:  FLASHES FAST WHEN YOU YELL...and slow when you don't
Always On "Name Tag" Modes: Bright mode for daytime use, dim for indoors
4x Brighter than an iPhone! It can be seen in daylight and through thick paper
No Batteries Needed: USB rechargeable, blinks over 8 hours in Stadium Mode
Change The Display: Order from local artists or print your own from Home
Made In USA: Invented by a Veteran, Made by NW Businesses

Print your own Graphics with this Easy to Use Template:
FREE "FanFlare Maker" Download for PowerPoint 2010

What is a FanFlare? What does it do?

Be seen in a crowd! FanFlare is a wearable light with selectable day and night brightness settings, along with two "always on" modes and a "stadium" mode that flashes faster in response to crowd noise. You provide the graphics by inserting a paper card, clear vinyl sticker, or transparency slide that you've either bought or printed. These graphic inserts should be made the same size as a standard U.S. business card (3.5" wide x 2" high)! And don't worry about replacing the batteries, it's rechargeable using a standard MicroUSB cable!

Celebrate Any Event..........Improve Your Visibility

Change the graphics with any image you choose and for any event!
It can flash faster for Sporting Events or stay on for a Name Badge or Task Light

 Get Creative!  So many uses and potential applications!
Professional Event Staff, Display Artwork, Birthdays, Signs such as "Do Not Disturb" or "On The Phone", Parades to support Cancer Awareness, Bachelorette Parties, School Sports, Fundraisers, Halloween Trick-or-Treating, Christmas, Parades, Concerts, and more...